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With innovative concepts oriented on the needs of our customers and retail partners, we have laid the foundation for an enduring appeal that ensures the success of our shopping centers.
We are specialized in the further development of existing commercial locations through modernization and by expanding the range of products available to increase appeal. Many of the SES shopping centers have been expanded from individual retail locations, most notably from INTERSPAR Hypermarkets.
Regardless of what projects our development specialists are working on: sustainable development is not achieved through standardized solutions, rather through individual solutions customized to fit local conditions that take all possibilities and perspectives into account.
Our partners are an important factor in our success. Together we strive to provide a unique shopping experience for our customers.
Retail space development with a Focus on intra-urban concepts
Apart from developing its own Locations, SES works with Partners on innovative schemes with a focus on intra-urban locations. As an expert in retail, SES also operates as a competent partner in urban development projects.
Alexander Eck

Alexander Eck

Head of Development
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